HuBuCo Loyalty Discounts

HuBuCo Launches Loyalty Discount. The More Credits You Purchase(d) The More discount You Get!

2018 Black Friday had brought you much more than just a discount.

1) HuBuCo Loyalty Discount

Log into your account to find out how many % of discount you earned so far.

The more credits you purchase(d) the more discount you get.

The discount updates following every single purchase (including monthly subscriptions).

Login now to see your discount:

Loyalty Discount

At the moment the loyalty discount is applied to bulk credits only. It will be applied to monthly subscriptions later on this year.

2) New Prices

We scraped the old prices. It was confusing.

All bulk credit prices are lowered by 40% permanently.

The base prices are now the same for everyone

There is no longer a 40% discount for some users, we extended the lower prices package for everyone.

Check out our prices now:

New Prices

3) Thank you for making us successful promo: 50% Extra Credits

We give 50% Bulk Credits for free on any bulk purchases.

Expires: 30th November 2018

Extra Credits

4) Black Friday Promo

On the top of the price crash and your loyalty discount we give another 20% off.

Expires: 26th November 2018.

Black Friday

These promotions are for bulk credits only, HuBuCo Loyalty Discount will be extended to monthly plans later on this year.