It's revealed: Why Is Black Friday 2018 Different From Any Other Black Fridays?

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November 22, 2018

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here. A trust most email verifiers had prepared some lame offers for you. :)

Probably most of them are giving you a few % off or trying to tie you down for a year.

Hey, you deserve better!

Let's make Black Friday black for those who are not taking you seriously.

It's time to leave your current email verifier for HuBuCo!

I mentioned earlier this week, do not buy email verification credits elsewhere. You would regret it this Friday.

Here is why:

I cannot keep this secret any more.

1) New Prices from this Friday. Not just for a day or two... Forever!

In 2016 I have started HuBuCo as I got frustrated by the email verifiers on the market. Crap service everywhere. I decided to stand out!

In 2017 we have built the most accurate and fastest email verification service. Unfortunately, for 1 year we had to increase our prices to be able to cover our increased costs.

In 2018 we have placed our focus on our customers. We have developed a number of functions you have requested. And tomorrow we get our prices right.

Details about new prices are coming in less than 24 hrs...

2) Announcing: HuBuCo Loyalty Discount

I like to stand out of the crowd.

I was the first one to offer many good stuff in email verification.

I continue being the leader in the industry..

We are introducing HuBuCo Loyalty Discount

The more credits you purchase the less you pay next time... :)

3) Current Promo: 50% Extra Credits

Until 30th November 2018 you get 50% free credits on any bulk credit purchases.

E.g. You buy 100,000 credits and you get another 50,000 for free!

Bulk credits never expire. Buy as many as you can.

4) Black Friday to Cyber Monday Extra Discount

For 4 days you get an additional % off on the top of your loyalty discount.

5) 30,000 Free Email Verifications

We have just given away 420 Million free email verifications to our current customers. :)

I'll notify you as soon as the new updates are available... Have nice day and Happy Thanksgiving!

different black friday

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