Monthly Plans (Rocket & Turbo)

Turbo and Rocket Plans on HuBuCo give you low email verification prices and access to the World's greatest email verifier system.
Updated on:
April 21, 2018

Turbo and Rocket Plans

HuBuCo offers 2 unique monthly plans for email verification: Turbo and Rocket. Both plans provide you with monthly credits that can be used for email verification.

When you start a monthly plan, you have 1 month to use your monthly credits. There are absolutely no restrictions how many credits you use a day, this way if you want, you can use all your monthly allowance within a day.

To start a monthly plan please visit If you haven't created a HuBuCo account yet, you can find out about monthly email verification plans here: email verification prices

When you start a plan, you can choose from 11 monthly credit options from 15,000 to 6,000,000 email verification credits a month. Depending on your monthly requirements, please select the most suitable plan for you. 

Once you select from the drop-down menu how many monthly credits you require, it will show you the pricing for each plan. You will see that Turbo and Rocket plans have different prices, let's see what the main difference is between the 2 plans.

monthly plans on HuBuCo
Select number of credits required per month, and choose from Turbo and Rocket Plans.

Turbo Plan

File verification

You will be able to verify up to 2 files at the same time with the maximum combined speed of 3,000 emails per minute.

Single API

Turbo plan users are rolled into our faster API, you will get results in approximately 0.5 second faster than on free plan.

Rocket Plan

File verification

Rocket plan users can verify up to 5 files at the same time and they are using the World’s fastest email verification system. They can verify up to 10,000 emails per minute, this is 7 times faster than any other email verifier. :)

Single API

Our rocket API speed is approx. 1 second faster than the API provided on free plans and is the fastest on the market. Rocket API isn’t only the fastest but also comes with additional features, such as, you can set after how many seconds to time-out, or we give “you did you mean” suggestions in case the email address you provided is invalid and is an obvious typo.

Additional benefits of our monthly plans

Super Low Prices

HuBuCo monthly plan users can benefit from the lowest email verification prices in the market. E.g. you can verify 100,000 emails for as low as $99 USD. This is 4 times lower than the market’s average.

Upgrade / Downgrade Anytime

If you start a plan today, and it seems that you will need more or less credits than you have, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime.

Cancel Anytime

There is no minimum term, you can start a plan today and cancel anytime.

Bonus Credits

When you start a monthly plan, we will also give your extra bonus bulk credits. We use your monthly credits first, and in case you run out of monthly credits, your bulk credits will be used. These complimentary bulk credits can be a big help if you need a little more than is included in your monthly plan.

Discount on Bulk Credits

As long as you are on one of our monthly plans you get discounts on bulk credit purchases. Depending on which monthly plan you choose this discount varies between 20% and 55%.

Cancel A Monthly Plan

You can cancel you monthly plan anytime. You need to log in to your account, and on your subscription page, on the right bottom, there will be a grey button "Cancel Subscription". Use this button to cancel your plan. When clicking on "Cancel Subscription" button, there will be a notification asking for confirmation of cancellation. Click on 'OK' to confirm you wish to cancel your plan.

cancel subscription
Cancel subscription

If you cancel your plan you will not be charged from next period. You can start a new plan anytime in the future.

There is no minimum term, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan anytime, however amounts already paid are not refundable.

If your plan is cancelled you will no longer see the "Next Payment" box on the site.

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