Pre-Black Friday: 30,000 Email Verifications For FREE

PRE-Black Friday is here. We have just given away 420 Million free email verifications.
Updated on:
November 20, 2018

HuBuCo just gave away 420 Million email verifications for free

We are all excited, Black Friday is coming... I hope you are are all preparing for something big.

Well, one thing for sure, HuBuCo is preparing for something bigger than any other email verifiers.

But there are 3 more days until Friday...

I decided to give our users a little Pre-Black Friday present.

We have just added 30,000 free credits to over 14,000 users. :)

1) Monthly plan subscribers have been added 30,000 bulk credits to their accounts.

2) Those who are not subscribed to our plans, but using our bulk credits are given 10,000 daily credits on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

What is going to be our Black Friday Deal?

It remains a secret for now.

But I can tell you, that it is going to be unique.

It is much bigger than something you would expect this week.

Do not have regrets this Friday!

Do not purchase any email verification credits elsewhere this week.

You would regret it this Friday.

Happy Pre-Black Friday & Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep your inbox open for us, we will let you know as soon as we are ready.

pre-back friday

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