Updated Monthly Plans

Loyalty Discount is now available for monthly plan users.

It's time to announce we have finally included our monthly subscriptions to our loyalty discounts. From now on you can enjoy your loyalty discounts on both bulk credit purchases and on monthly plans.

It’s amazing news

Every time you purchase credits your loyalty discount grows. We check how many credits you have purchased in the last 2 years and we check the number of payments you have made.

We love our returning customers and we give them up to 50% Loyalty Discount.

If you are not a monthly plan subscriber at the moment

Just visit https://app.hubuco.com/subscribe to start a monthly plan. Your loyalty discount will be automatically applied on our monthly costs.

If you are a monthly plan subscriber already

-      Turbo and Rocket plans are terminated and there is only 1 monthly plan in the future. This one plan will include most features from the Rocket plan and will cost less than the Rocket plan did.

-      In January you will pay your usual monthly renewal fee. Following your January renewal, you will see on this page how much you will be paying from February: https://app.hubuco.com/subscribe From February your loyalty discount will be applied on your charges.

-      If you are within the first 3 months 40% off period. You will stay on your current plan until your first 3 months expires, so you won’t lose your current discount. When your 40% off period expires, youwill be enrolled into our new monthly plan. You can follow on this page when and how much you will be paying: https://app.hubuco.com/subscribe