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Subject line, content, formatting... Everything that matters.
Updated on:
February 1, 2018

Why a great content is important?

A great email can engage your subscribers and can turn your prospects into buyers. But other than that, it is vital that you create high-quality content to avoid your emails being flagged as spam.

Spam means, unsolicited emails sent to recipients that did not explicitly indicate that they would like to receive mail from a sender.

According to talosintelligence.com, on average 400bn emails are sent every day and approximately 85.5% of emails are spam, whereas only a mere 14.49% are legitimate emails.

Emails identified as spam may result in a bounce, and will ultimately affect your email sending reputation, making it harder for you to deliver or inbox your emails in the future. Therefor it is incredibly important to write good content in order to reduce email bounce rate and increase your inbox rate.

Content is one of the most important factors of email marketing as it greatly affects email deliverability. Poor email content is one of the main reasons why emails are recognised as spam. This is due to the strict protocols executed by Internet Service Providers to prevent spamming. ISPs have multiple spam and content filters which analyse every aspect of an email, including the subject line, images, and hyperlinks. These filters are designed to instantaneously identify spam-like content, for instance, trigger words like “BUY NOW” or “MAKE QUICK MONEY”.

How to write great email content?

Every email consists of the same typical components, e.g. subject line, main body, images, headings, attachments, date, links, and so on and so forth. And so at times, it can be very challenging to create a successful campaign; writing a great email with high-quality content takes a lot of thought and time. Also, making sure that all those other factors are incorporated correctly can be difficult. However, when done successfully, this will really help boost your delivery and inbox rates and essentially grow your business.

Sender name and email

You must be clear who the email is from. The name and domain displayed must be familiar. Also, the sender email address must be properly authorised.

Subject line

You must ensure that your subject line and email content are consistent and not misleading. It Is important that your subject line is clear and specific, so the recipient knows what the email entails.

Spam-like content

You must avoid using spam trigger words in your emails, for example, ‘earn’, ‘free’ or ‘buy’, however, this also depends on the context in which use these words. Using spammy key words like these seriously affects your inbox rate and ultimately the success of your campaign.


Avoid using numerous different fonts and font sizes. For example, “DON’T miss out ON GREAT OFFERS”. Inconsistent fonts/font size will immediately trigger spam/content filters and your email can be flagged as spam.

Use visually pleasing text formatting, e.g. steer clear of extremely bright colours and eccentric fonts. You should refrain from using very bold colours in your emails as it makes it harder to read. Lastly, excessive use of exclamation points “!!!!” may cause your emails to be flagged by ISPs so it’s best to use them in moderation.

Include images (in moderation of course) that relate to your content.

Be sure to use headlines and break up the text this makes the email easier to scan.


You should refrain from using short email links in your emails as many of these are recognised as spam by ISPS. Nowadays, a lot of spammers are using short links in their emails to trick people into clicking them.


Make sure to use correct grammar and appropriate language. Avoid using super technical language, not all recipients will have the same knowledge and understanding on certain topics.

Be specific and explain why your email is relevant to the recipient. Get straight to the point. Be clear and concise, leaving no room for confusion.

Keep your emails short and sweet. Lengthy emails are boring and most people will stop reading after the first paragraph. It is believed that the average person has an attention span of around 8 seconds, so bear this in mind next time you are composing an email.

Personalise your email and directly address the recipient by name.

Avoid using spam words that will trigger ISP spam filters.


Make sure your email is mobile-viewing friendly. According to Litmus around 54% of all email opens occur on a mobile device.

Include social media sharing options. This will help you reach more potential users.

Preview and test your emails before you send out your campaign.

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