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HuBuCo is famously the most accurate email verifier on the market. We are proud to guarantee 99%+ email delivery rate to our users. You can get access to the fastest email verification system for free. We give our customers a fair opportunity to try our system: 100 email verifications for free every day. When you have tested our software, and ready to purchase we offer a wide selection, to make sure everyone finds the right solution for their needs. You can either purchase bulk credits or start a monthly subscription. Should you need any help using our application, our friendly and professional support team is happy to help.

Email Verification Features

HuBuCo provides the fastest real time email verification API on the market and a super simple application where you can upload your email lists into our system for verification. Our bulk email verification speed is 7 times faster than any other email verification service, and we offer this email verification service at better prices than any other trusted email verification company.
HuBuco is not only famous for its super-fast system and reasonable prices but also for being the only email verifier, that guarantees 99%+ email delivery rate.

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Email Verification Explained

Since 2012 Internet Service Providers have worked hard to reduce the ever growing number of SPAM emails sent every day. ISP’s identify email senders as spammers if they email invalid email accounts because it indicates that they might not be real subscribers.

This is a huge problem for email marketers who have legitim email lists with real subscribers. If their contact list is older than 3 months they could be easily mistaken for spammers and their email sending reputation will be permanently damaged. And as a consequence their email sending account will be suspended.

Email marketers must verify their email lists if they haven’t sent an email for at least 3 months in order to keep their contact lists up-to-date and legitimate. No more paying $500 to verify 100,000 subscribers, at HuBuCo you can clean your lists at affordable prices with guaranteed great results.
HuBuCo is committed to delivering the highest quality email verification service with strict data protection policies set in place to protect our customers' data. 

Email Verification Process

During email verification we remove any duplicates from your file, we check email syntaxes, check the email servers DNS, create an SMTP connection with the recipients' server to find out if the email accounts exist. We do this without sending an email to your contacts.
We also detect catch all servers and temporary email addresses, and highlight free and role email accounts.

You can upload your contacts in TXT, CSV or XLSX file and our results are available to download in a standard CSV file. If you would like you can send us files programmatically or you can program our single API into your system to verify email addresses in real time.

We follow strict data protection principles and comply with European GDPR. Should you need more information please contact our support team.

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