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Email Verification

99%+ Email Delivery Rate, Guaranteed!

Protect your email reputation and get your emails delivered. If you have an email list older than 3 months, then you are just one email campaign away from destroying your email reputation.

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Tamas Szabo

Email Deliverability Expert
Founder of HuBuCo

I'm determined to change and lead the email verification industry

This is Tamas Szabo, I am an email deliverability expert and the founder of HuBuCo.
Over the past few years I have provided advice for thousands of businesses worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, on how to achieve 99%+ email delivery rate, improving inbox rate and maximising their sales, obviously I am an expert in my field, and know more about bulk email sending than any other email verifiers. My advice is worth a fortune.

Email Verification Service

I have created HuBuCo because I got frustrated that there were no reliable email verification companies online. Some have a shiny website but poor quality results or horrifying prices. HuBuCo is today by far the most trusted email verification service provider.

By using HuBuCo I guarantee you will achieve 99%+ email delivery rate

After a yearlong research, continuous testing I have come up with a bulletproof strategy how to completely eliminate bounces forever. I am sharing this secret with HuBuCo users only.

Email Verification Prices

HuBuCo is not only market leading in quality and speed but also offers resonalble email verification prices. We have a solution for you whether you need a monthly plan or just by bulk credits in advance.

Don't just take my word for it, read what our customers say!

"Although it seems not showy, HuBuCo is by far one of the best verifying mail services around. Some of good things of this service are: cost, effectiveness, quickness to check emails, support service...I assert the hard bounces were below 1% with OK emails" - Mike Peterson, London

"I use HuBuCo for all my customers and clients who need to validate their email lists. Quick and easy to use and the reports at the end are functional and easy to work with." - Jennifer Robinson, San Francisco

"This service was so helpful when I cleaned my email lists. I especially liked the reports and explanations of what the verification results mean." - Sarah Lopez, Los Angeles

"I almost got kicked out from Mailchimp when I used other email verifiers. HuBuCo has cleaned my lists and my account is safe again. Big thank you guys." - Richard King, New York

This is what we are...

The web is full of unreliable companies. The only promise they make is that they don’t guarantee anything. We are determined to change the email verification business for the best, hence we offer double guarantee!


Our system has been developed over the years to maximum accuracy.

It is being tested on regular basis to make sure we respond to any changes ISP's make, and we deliver the best results to our users.


Use our system and follow my guidance and I guarantee you will achieve 99%+ email delivery rate!

Should you have higher than 1% bounce rate, our support team will help you identifying further improvement areas.


I am confident our system works. Let's say I am wrong, and you have 4% or higher hard bounce rate, we refund twice your last payment!

You have nothing to lose!

This is what we are NOT ...

We are not perfect. We made mistakes in the past, but we never mislead our customers. If you choose another email verifier you risk losing your money and some might even sell your contacts! Let's fight against them together!


Many email verifiers will try to mislead you by saying they can identify spam traps.

Don’t let yourself be fooled that spam traps can be identified! Those websites that try to mislead you are your biggest enemy!


Have you noticed that most email verifiers claim to be the most accurate? 
So why is that they are too weak to offer a money back guarantee on their results?

We are not just another online scam!


We are not one of those, who don't even have a company behind a website.

Most email verifiers don't follow any data protection policies at all!

You deserve to have bounce free email marketing too!

Do you feel overwhelmed? That’s fine. It is completely normal. There is a lot going on, and it feels like there is a lot to learn. That’s why it is so important to read my simple 6 steps guide. It will show you how easy it is to achieve 99%+ Email Delivery Rate. Should you have any questions, you can always ask our friendly support team. Sound good?

Many might argue, whether 99%+ email delivery rate is possible. Well the reason for that is they don't know how to achieve it! I have been digging and testing for years to learn what is important and what is not in achieving this amazing delivery rate and becoming bounce free forever. There are just a few easy steps to follow to achieve 99%+ email delivery rate.

When I finally achieved 99%+ email delivery rate, I experienced that my INBOX rate and open rate suddenly increased, and I was no longer receiving threats from my email sender that they will suspend or close my account.

I found it very frustrating that there are NO reliable email verifiers on the market, hence I started HuBuCo. But of course, email verification is only one aspect of 99%+ email delivery rate. I have written a guide with 6 easy steps that ultimately leads to 99%+ email delivery rate. This guide is downloadable for free for all HuBuCo users.

I am glad you have found our website. This is your key to 99%+ email delivery rate and your email marketing changes forever. As soon as you become our customer you get access to the best email verification service on the market and will be able to download my 6 Steps to 99%+ Email Deliver Rate immediately.

The only way I can deliver on my promises if you take action and read my guide. You will see there are only 6 easy steps to follow. Once you complete those steps you are ready to go. Should you need any help during this process you can contact our support team anytime. Sounds good?

It is not your fault if you have high bounce rate, even if you had used another email verifier in the past. HuBuCo is different from all of them. We know our system works, hence we offer DOUBLE GUARANTEE. If you had followed my advice in 6 Steps to 99%+ Email Delivery Rate and still had higher that 1% bounce rate, our support team will help you identifying what further actions are required to become bounce free. Should you have higher than 4% hard bounce rate, we refund double the amount of your last payment. Terms of use apply.

Using HuBuCo will eliminate your bounces, as well as improve your Inbox rate, open rate, increase your ROI & Sales. It is essential in email marketing to deliver emails. Bounced emails are going to cause you further bounces and push you away from your goals. Get your emails delivered and enjoy higher inbox and open rates.

This may put you ahead of your competition. That's fine. You work hard to get email addresses, craft the right email, clean lists, set up settings... Someone who works this hard deserves successful email marketing.


We offer an amazing double guarantee that eliminates all risks for using our system.

99%+ Email Delivery Rate, Guaranteed!

Follow our advice and you won't have any more bounces. If you still have higher than 1% bounce rate, our support colleagues will look into how your email delivery rate could be improved.

Twice Your Money Back Guarantee!

If you have higher than 4% hard bounce rate when sending emails to OK emails only, we refund twice your money. Terms of use apply.

First Step to Guaranteed 99%+ Email Delivery Rate!
Create your email verification account!

Create your HuBuCo account for free today, and try our system, that proves that our email verification works perfect. If you pride yourself on being an independent thinker and don’t accept others' opinions without satisfying proof, you need to create your account now! Let's fight against crappy / misleading websites together.

You have literally nothing to lose!

  1. 100 FREE Email Verification Every Day
  2. 99%+ Email Delivery Rate, Guaranteed
  3. Double Your Money Back Guarantee
  4. Real Company Based in London, United Kingdom
  5. Support by EXPERTS
  6. We verify more than a Billion emails per year!
  7. We teach you how to become bounce free!
  8. Do you want 99%+ Email Delivery Rate?
  9. "I haven't had high bounce rate since I started using HuBuCo" Mike Owen
  10. Let’s say you go with someone else, and you continue having bounces, what are you going to say, why didn’t you try us?

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