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We are from a part of the world where reputation is the most important aspect of business. We are a 100% legitimate company registered and based in England, United Kingdom. Our company is governed by strict policies to make sure our customers data remains safe.

Have You Ever Paid For A Crappy Service?

In the online world it happens almost every day that an untrustworthy company is ripping customers off. They run off with the money leaving the customers behind to deal with their unresolved problems.

HuBuCo is 100% Legitimate! We are a company registered in the United Kingdom (company registration number: 10616225). Our office is based in London.

Your data is more secure with us than any other business.We are a European company so we must follow very strict data protection regulations. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Ready to Help Attitude Should you have any issues or difficulties you can always rely on our well prepared customer support team to be there for you.


  • Email List Cleaning
  • Email Verifier Single API
  • Email Verifier Bulk API
  • Email Risk Assesment
  • EU VAT Verifier Single API


  • Super Fast
  • 99%+ accuracy
  • Support by Experts
  • Reputable British Company
  • We build applications for the future

"Although it seems not showy, HuBuCo is by far one of the best verifying mail services around. Some of good things of this service are: cost, effectiveness, quickness to check emails, support service...I assert the hard bounces were below 1% with OK emails."

I use HuBuCo for all my customers and clients who need to validate their email lists. Quick and easy to use and the reports at the end are functional and easy to work with. (Jennifer R.)

This service was so helpful when I cleaned my email lists. I especially liked the reports and explanations of what the verification results mean. (Sarah, LA)