Real Time EU VAT number verification, get your invoices right

European Businesses that provide cross-border services must ensure the customer holds a valid EU VAT number before issuing their invoices. You can integrate our API into your system and get accurate information less than a second.

EU VAT Number Verification

HuBuCo’s EU VAT number verifying service is easy to implement into your system and you will alway know immediately if a VAT number is correct.

EU VAT verification

We can check any EU VAT number with the issuing country.

Single API

Program our system into your application and get results in milliseconds.

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HuBuCo is the best EU VAT number verifier online.

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100% accurate

We always check the VAT numbers against each EU countries up to date databases.

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EU VAT Number Verification Explained

When a customer provides an invalid EU VAT number, depending on your business, you might not charge VAT on your invoices. The problem is what happens if that was an invalid, expired or made up VAT number.

This little error can lead to unnecessary legal investigations and actions taken against your business.

Make sure your customers provide a valid VAT number as they enter on your website. HuBuCo provides an easy to use single EU VAT number verification API that can be implemented into your system very easily.

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The best EU VAT number verification on the market

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  • EU VAT number verification
  • Single API
  • Friendly prices
  • Access to other services


  • Super Fast
  • 100% accurate
  • Support by Experts
  • Reputable British Company