Our 2020 Vision

By 2020 HuBuCo aims to be the greatest application used by business owners. We develop solutions that increase your sales and reduce your costs. HuBuCo provides you with the newest technology to connect you with other businesses and your customers.

What every Business needs in 2020

In 2017 the two biggest problems business owners are facing are incredibly high marketing and office staff costs. To be able to move forward the only option is to restructure our business models and utilise automated computerised systems that can take over various communication and office tasks to instantly increase your profit.

We start with developing verification tools to make sure you know who you are talking to and the data you own is correct and up to date. We will continue our development by building the best communication tools on the market to reach your clients. This will include email and chat marketing solutions.

Finally by 2020 we will provide you with fully automated bots that can take over office communication and tasks from your colleagues, minimising your office running cost and highly increasing its efficiency and productivity. Our ultimate goal is to make your business more profitable. Every dollar spent on our website is an investment into your future.


  • Email List Cleaning
  • Email Verifier Single API
  • Email Verifier Bulk API
  • Email Risk Assesment
  • EU VAT Verifier Single API


  • Super Fast
  • 99%+ accuracy
  • Support by Experts
  • Reputable British Company
  • We build applications for the future

"Although it seems not showy, HuBuCo is by far one of the best verifying mail services around. Some of good things of this service are: cost, effectiveness, quickness to check emails, support service...I assert the hard bounces were below 1% with OK emails."

I use HuBuCo for all my customers and clients who need to validate their email lists. Quick and easy to use and the reports at the end are functional and easy to work with. (Jennifer R.)

This service was so helpful when I cleaned my email lists. I especially liked the reports and explanations of what the verification results mean. (Sarah, LA)